Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Chunky Bracelet

Who doesn't love stretchy bracelets? I love the layered look that is in style, but there is also the bulky look.
There are a lot of pluses to the bulky look vs layered.

First of all, you need less one!
If you can find a fun bracelet that compliments your outfit and is bulky, then you're done. No searching for three other bracelets that match different shades in your shirt or anything.

Blue Moon Beads offers so many options in their bulky beads. These are drilled with two holes, to make stringing them super simple!

String them with stretchy cord and you've got a comfortable and stylish bracelet!

So many colors, so little time!

So, what's your vote? Layered or bulky?

Style Stretch

So, my latest box of beads came full of pendants, chains and beads that I normally wouldn't choose to make jewelry with.
It took me a while; long hours of staring at all these items and wondering what I was going to do with them.
All I needed to do was open my eyes! If you look around, big and bulky beads are in style right now, and so, inspiration was laying around every corner.

"Statement" jewelry is what it's called. For this necklace, I tried to balance a few good statement pendant with softer tones. 
Though this necklace didn't take me very long to make, it still makes a statement, which is the point!
Blue Moon Beads has a huge line of big beads for every taste out there!

It was kind of fun, to stretch my creativity in a way I never thought about before.

I made fun earrings, they aren't meant to go with the necklace, but they were just as easy to make!


I took a few pendants and slapped on some chain. These dangles are fun because they are lightweight and completely unique!

So, if you haven't dared try make something with the new style of big and bulky beads, I suggest you get out there and stretch yourself!

Let your creativity soar!