Monday, January 19, 2015

3 Easy Steps To Make Cutsie Push-Pins

My sister has a cork board and its a little drab, so I decided to give everything a face lift (without really telling's a surprise. Shh!).
I decided to start small this time, unlike everything else that I attempt haha
So, this post is about making cute push-pins for the cork board that is nearly free.

What you'll need: 
Strong glue (I suggest E600)
Thumb Tacks
Buttons or broken jewelry pieces

Step one: Grab yourself a thumb tack and stick some glue on it!

Step two: Put the glued thumb tack on the back of a button or broken jewelry

Step three: Let dry. (I put mine on plastic in case the glue came through the holes. I let them dry for a few hours.)

They will be so fun for a teen room. She's going to love it!
I'm totally thinking of doing some with broken jewelry, like brooches and fun stuff for my cork board.
Oh the possibilities!