Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Silver is the Name of the Game

I love the color silver. Nothing brings out your tan like silver does and it just looks great on everyone. So this month, I dedicated my projects to the color...you guessed it...silver!

 My bracelet may look familiar, that's because I used the basic design in another bracelet of mine. I just thought it was so great, I had to have it in another color.
Basically, layers of cord, pearls and beads, secured with a magnet is what this piece is made out of. And it looks FANTASTIC!

 These earrings were made out of a bead  tin from Blue Moon Beads called Mud Pie. Such a fun name  and such cute earrings!
 For a fun project that was a little different, I made a ring out of 20 gauge wire and a bead from a Bead Tin by the great Blue Moon. It is different with it's twists and turns, but I like it a lot. In fact, I'm wearing it already.

 For my necklace project, I decided that since I was already on a roll with layers, I might as well stick to it. This necklace had many layers of chain hanging from it and also beads that give it a fun texture. And most importantly, it's SILVER!

So there you go, there's my Silver projects. I think they all came out very well and remember that all these projects can be made in any color....even gold! (Gasp)
So let your creativity fly!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pin Me Another

Safety pins aren't just a tool used for clothing. You can make them into fun jewelry with a funky twist.

Here's what you'll need:

 Safety pins,
Stretch cord,
 Seed beads, 
Crimp tubes,
 and Imagination!

You can use any color combination. I was thinking about wearing green today, so I created a bracelet to match. 
As you can see in the pictures, this isn't very hard to make. For more detailed steps, check out my watch tutorial, which explains how to thread and string these fun safety pins into a bracelet. 

For this, I grabbed a fun set of my Blue Moon seed beads and went to work. The fun thing about this is that the safety pins create a very sturdy bracelet, and I love that it's stretchy for easy wear.
Try your own. Make it colorful, black and white, or various shades of one color. Let your imagination soar!
Happy Creating!

Ankh Necklace

I absolutely love the amulet line from Blue Moon Beads. It has taught me so much about symbols that I've seen before but never knew what they meant. 

Take the Ankh with a scarab for example. Did you know that this cool Egyptian piece symbolizes life and is worn for strength?
I could just imagine back in the day when everything you wore had a meaning for how you were feeling that day. 

This necklace was put together with chain and a few fun connector beads. I tried to keep the bronze and blue theme going, even with the earrings. I left the earrings quite simple because I wanted the focus on the necklace.
I think it turned out great.

Remember, you can find pieces to make this and many more ideas on my page at stores that hold Blue Moon Beads products. 
Happy creating!