Monday, October 6, 2014

Floating Beads Necklace

Not into all that clutter? Have you ever tried what I like to call "Floating Beads"?
The concept is this, instead of filling the entire bead strand with beads, you use crimp tubes to space out your beads.

It pulls together a simple and unique look. Not to mention, you use less beads!

All it takes is a bead mat that you can use to keep the beads in order and the spaces symmetrical.

I love layers, and even a simple piece like this can pull it off. 
Three strands of bead wire, a handful of crimp tubes and a few strands of Blue Moon Beads silver square beads (various sizes).

The technique is simple. I used it all the way through the necklace. 
(Note: If your crimp beads are small and slip right through the hole of the bead, you can add a clear seed bead, or even color if you would like a pop of color)

Why stop at just a necklace? 
Why not make the entire set?

Another fun note: If you use clear wire, it will look like the beads are literally floating. 

Release The Punk Within

Not everyone likes the classic look, or the simple look, or even the bulky look. This project is for those of you who enjoy the "Punk" look. 
Bright colors with an edge.

Everything in this Bracelet/Earring set screams "Look at me!"

And even better, it's super easy to put together.
I picked a few bright beads and stone chips of jasper found in the Blue Moon Beads line.
The metal bows are also their genius creation.
The colors all compliment each other and I absolutely love the difference in textures, it makes for one interesting piece.

I lined it all up on my bead board and then added some stretchy cord for an easy wear bracelet.
The earrings were just as simple; slide a post right through and hook them to earrings.

Rock your inner punk in all sorts of colors!
Let your creativity soar!