Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Getting ready for the Steamfest!

Yes, later this month there is a Steampunk fest in SLC! I'm so excited. For those of you who didn't know, Steampunk is like my guilty pleasure, especially creating jewelry in this fashion.
So when I got my monthly box of goodies from Blue Moon Beads, and I found so many cool metal connectors, I knew that I had to create a Steampunk masterpiece to wear to the Steamfest!

 The reason Steampunk is so interesting to me is because ANYTHING GOES! Industrial meets beauty equals an awesome piece of jewelry that I guarantee you wont find anywhere else

Anyway, enough of my ramboling. This piece, as you can see, includes many elements. Almost all of it is metal, except for a leather cord that I knotted, to give it more of an uneven and different look.

I used mainly metal connectors and fun beads. Urban Warrior line is featured, as well as the normal Blue Moon Bead line. I especially love the patina-looking beads. I added a little bling as a pendant to give it a girly aspect to it.
Despite all the metal, it is very comfortable to wear

I even made earrings to go with it! Made with connector hoops and simple black beads.

If you haven't tried your hand at Steampunk, I encourage you to try it out. Remember, anything goes, the sky is the limit! Take those nuts and bolts you have laying around the house and make a work of art out of them!

Summer Fun

Summer is such a great time of year. The sun is out, the pool is open and most of all, you can wear fun colors as well as fun jewelry!
This piece is inspired by the essence of summer. All these pieces were brought to you by the fabulous Blue Moon Beads and I had so many charms that I wanted to use that I couldn't fit them all on the bracelet.

The charms include: Watering can, owl, strawberry, flower, camera and some fun metal beads as well as connectors. These charms are so fun to sort and create things with. Blue Moon offers so many different ones.

Hook all those fun charms to a gold chain with some fun connector gems and Viola! You can wear this bracelet all summer!