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It's so easy to create a necklace with interchangeable pendants. Check it out!

The possibilities of seed beads are endless!
Bitty Beads

Wood and Metal aren't two things you would think go together as far as jewelry is concerned. I beg to differ.
Wooden Pendants

Wire earrings are so fun and easy to make. The best thing is that they can be made it any color you so desire! Check out this tutorial to help you along.

The look is random and that completely satisfied my creative mind. Symmetry is nice, but not always necessary. With this piece, it could be used as a necklace, though it was made to hang crazily around your wrist.
Ropes and Pearls

Just because you wear a Lanyard, doesn't mean it has to be UGLY! So I made my own, jewelry lanyard that is also able to "Break away" in case of an emergency.
Jewelry Lanyard

Ear cuffs are fun, no matter who you are! I love these cool cuff structures that BMB sent me. Can't wait to wear them!
Ear Cuffs

Keep it simple. I combined Links and an awesome Feather Pendant to make a cool modern look. So easy. Look here for inspiration!
Links and Feathers

I really like the vintage look, and it's really in right now. But who has to money to get an authentic vintage jewelry piece? I know I don't. So I decided to make my own. Check it out!
Vintage Romance

I have a great love for anything purple! And earrings are the quickest jewelry piece to make, so I whipped up some that were, yes, purple!
Classy Purple

I found myself with an abundance of Pink beads, so I decided to test them out, even though I usually don't wear pink...usually as in never! Alas, I will not be prejudice against any bead!
Girls and Pink

When there is snow outside, it's so easy to wish for warmer weather, so despite temperatures at freezing outside, I made a barefoot sandal in anticipation for summer! Barefoot

Charms are always fun, especially when you can control what is hanging from them!
Warrior Bracelet

Gold and silver are the basics of any metal. This post is all about the gold and a few fun ways you can use it!

Some of my favorite necklaces have tuns of stuff hanging from them. I used to get frustrated when the layers would tangle, but now I think it adds to the look. Here's a fun jumble of metal that I love!
Metal Mania

Brooches can complete any outfit, but they don't have to be just for grandmas. Make your own colorful brooch to match who you are! Brooch

Projects in green to make your friends green with ENVY!

Texture and layers can bring any look to a new level! That's why I love adding those elements to my jewelry! Check it out!
Golden Feather

If you've never tried a bead loom, you should! The possibilities are endless!
Seed Beads

30 Minute Earring challenge. Grab a bunch of items and have at it!

Wishbones symbolize wishes and desires. Check out this post to see how you can make that awesome symbol an accessory!

We can always learn something new, especially about other places and cultures. Here's a cool way to learn something through jewelry!

The Ankh is worn to symbolize life and strength.

Safety pins make fun and funky jewelry that can be made in any color under the sun!
Pin Bracelet

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