Monday, November 12, 2012

Golden Feathers (Project 1)

After much debating and rearranging and even more debating, I've finally decided to settle on a necklace as my first project for my blog. I personally love necklaces; they have the power to turn a normal outfit from blah to unique!
Anyway, using my awesome Blue Moon Beads, I had so many choices with the cute tin bead mixes!  So, I decided to make use of beads from a few, such as Rum Raisin, Orange Fizz and Toffee Crunch (aren't those names fun!).

Honestly, I don't often use these colors (other than gold), but since I had the product at my fingertips, I decided to stretch those creative muscles of mine and go for it!

Made with a feather metal connector, this necklace hangs very nicely. And true to my nature, I just had to do the double layers!
The colors remind me of fall, which is perfect because it just snowed this week!
Very simple to make. I made the chain out of a bunch of jump rings that were different sizes and shapes to come up with a unique chain, or I guess normal chain works too, but what fun is that?

I would imagine this necklace would look great in all sorts of different colors and lengths and maybe even a third layer! The possibilities are endless!

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