Sunday, March 22, 2015

Quotes Worth Hanging On The Wall

I've got another DIY home decor project for you!
I've been seeing fun ideas for DIY canvas quotes for your home and I thought that was perfect for the super secret sister project I'm working on. 
Have you seen the prices on some of those canvas quotes in the stores?

Don't buy it when you could just make your own!

What you'll need:
Canvas (Whatever size and thickness you'd like)
Ribbon (For flat canvas')
Glue (For flat canvas')
Scissors (For flat canvas')
An inspiring, amazing, awesome quote!

Paint the background.
Painting the background of these canvas' was simple. 
First, I painted them a solid color (for example blue)
Then I put dabs of darker blue and white paint in various places on the canvas.
With my paintbrush, I swirled the colors around until it created an effect that I enjoyed.
That's just one idea, you can paint the background anything you like.
Solid colors are great also, very bold.

Write the Quote.
This may be tricky when you don't have any ideas for fun fonts.
I simply Googled "fonts" and copied those that I liked.
Don't be afraid to take your time on this step. 
I used a lite pencil first on the canvas to make sure I could fit everything, and then painted it.
Don't be afraid to have fun!
My quotes are all colorful because they are meant to go in a teen room, again, let your creativity lead you while designing your quote canvas.

Many of you will be done at this point.
Congrats! Hang it with pride.

However, if you're like me and bought the canvas' that were on sale and are completely FLAT, then you need to figure out just how you're going to hang these things on the wall.

Prepare to hang.
Like I said before, my canvas' were completely flat! How do you hang that on a wall?
Here's one idea.


(This is where your ribbon, glue and scissors come into play!)

Measure your ribbon to be the length of the canvas and cut it.

Grab your glue and apply to both ends of your ribbon.

Stick the glued ribbon to the back of your canvas, as if it were a handle to your purse.

Glue at a slight angle.
When you hang your canvas, the ribbon will sometimes pucker if you glue it straight, so I suggest gluing your ribbons at a slight angle.
Trust me ;)
You can even test your ribbon angle by acting as if your finger is a nail and gently pulling on the ribbon before the glue dries.
Make sure to leave the canvas laying on something, you don't actually want to pull the ribbon off, you just want to adjust it!

Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

Imagine all the places you could decorate with some fun quotes!
And even better, you can make every one of them unique!

I'd love to see some of your projects or hear from you if you have any other tips on how to hang flat canvas'.

See you next time!

Friday, March 13, 2015

DIY Birthday in PINK!

A few months ago, I was commissioned to help plan, set up and pull off a very pink birthday party for the cutest baby girl who was turning one. 
If you've ever read any of my other posts, you know that pink is not one of my fact I tend to stay away from it...far, far away.
That being said, you could imagine my...excitement when I found out this party would be in the brightest pink ever created! 
(I'm still seeing pink when I close my eyes, seriously)
Putting my personal feelings aside, I worked with Keila's mother to create for her an amazing pink birthday party!

First came the dessert table. 
This was the mom's idea that had inspired the entire party, so it had to be good. 

It wasn't easy. I had to look up so many tutorials (I'll try to link them all) and it easily took an hour or two to set everything up. 


(Mine came out slightly different than the YouTube tutorial shows, but mine needed to be hung up instead of stand in a vase ;) )


(They are a little hard to see behind the lollipops)

With the table done, I had to figure out how to match the other items in the room to the table. It turned out, this was going to be a HUGE first birthday party with over 50 people attending (not including kids!)

Keila is an absolute doll and her mother loved to take pictures of her, so I decided to use those to bring out a little more of this girls story.

I put together a cute little photo gallery of all a bunch of pictures of Keila and her family. They were set around the table to bring balance. 
(When you're OCD like me, I can't have anything unbalanced!) 

Next mission was the gift table. 
It had to be big with all these people coming, so I decided to make it another focal point of the room. 

Turns out, it was also the perfect backdrop for guests to come in and get their pictures taken with the birthday girl.

With so many guests on their way, we had to figure out the best way to set the tables so that all this cuteness could be seen!

Our centerpieces were made out of candy glued to a Styrofoam ball and surrounded by tulle.

We hung a lot of fun things from the ceiling to make the tables pop. 
We even hung balloons!

And the final touch would be the Keila's name big and proud for all to see. 

I made these out of cardboard boxes wrapped in wrapping paper. The sparkly letters were cut out of sparkly paper from Hobby Lobby and glued on. They stacked to be taller than me!

This party was one of the largest birthday parties I'd ever planned (other than my sweet 16, but that's another story). The room we had to set this all up in wasn't the greatest to look at, but with all the bright color and large focal items, it worked out pretty great. 
Little Keila had a great birthday party!

And of course, I had a lot of fun too...even with all the pink.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorials and the ideas!

Happy crafting!