Sunday, July 19, 2015

Steamfest 2015

Lots of fun to be had at SLC Steamfest this year.
For my booth, my assistant and I decided that a theme would be fun and since I already had a rockin Ursula hat, our theme was Steampunk Little Mermaid!

I was Ursula (of course) and Blake was King Tr iton.

Sounds funny to turn Disney into Steampunk, but there were actually many Disney characters at Steamfest this year, I was surprised. Here are some of the fun faces!

Snow White, King Triton, Ursula, Beast (Human), Geston, Aurora

We were off to an excellent start the first day. My booth was a salvage ship wreck (under the sea theme, get it?)

 I had a lot of fun designing this chaotic booth. There was so much to see and everyone who came absolutely loved it. The base is made of old trunks and then crates, crates and more crates stacked on top. Pretty simple. Very beautiful.

 Learning from my mistake last year of not having any menswear, I made an entire section for gents and costume designers alike.
Pocket watches, Tie tacks, eye patches, guns, apothecary bottles, antique keys, you name it, the men had their pick of awesome additions to their costumes.

And of course I had some awesome masks there. I believe I've blogged a few of them before, if not, here they are in all their splendor!

Beautiful old trunks and new to Matchless Designs, GRAB BAGS! They were a major hit, especially with the kiddos. Gotta love a good surprise. 

My neighbors on either side of me were absolutely awesome. I was plugged right between Damsel in this Dress and Carols Custom Costumes. 
Let me tell you, those ladies were so much fun. I think one of my favorite parts about a convention is meeting all the people who do this kind of stuff for a living. They are such an inspiration. Feel free to look them up, they are well worth it!

So the second day was a little slower, and after a few hours in, tragedy struck! 
There was another Ursula at the convention!

She actually turned out to be really cool. We had to get a photo together and she was very impressed with my Flotsom and Getsom Eel Double Barrel gun!

You don't mess with Sea-folk!

There was so much to see and so many people to meet that it hardly seemed like I was working. 
It's all play!
Adventurers running around like crazies, death stalking his prey, mermaids in the pool, dueling, opera, masquerade, this year had a little bit of everything!

Well, now that I'm done gushing about all my fun, here are some more fun pics!
Enjoy and hopefully you'll consider coming by next year to visit my booth!

He made this gun the day before and I swear it weighed 100 lbs! I could barely lift it! But it was fun to see even people who can't get around so well enjoying Steampunk.

So long!

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